2019-2020 52 Week Scavenger Hunt, December

‘Tis the season for holiday lights, red ribbon and bows,ornaments and pine cones hung on evergreen boughs.  I thought I started this one out strong with plenty of time but typical of the holidays time magically slips way and if it wasn’t for the tasty bouquet of Christmas cookies from my little brother and his wife this scavenger hunt would have been short a theme. So on the eve of a brand new year posting my December photos, I ponder some New Year resolutions…. 3, 2, 1                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR !  


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2019-2020 52 Week Scavenger Hunt, November


I am thankful for this new version of 52 weeks, because I always seem to be behind, so here I am December 2nd on my scavenger hunt for November themes. While I was taken apart my Thanksgiving centerpiece it all came to me. I saved the dried fall leaves, then ran to the refrigerator where I hit the jackpot… some mandarin oranges, cranberries and rosemary. From the cupboard N is for Nut, perfect some sliced almonds. On a roll… I remembered I have a Turkey feather, how does anyone forget they received a turkey feather in the mail from their mother? With all my themes in hand, I arrange the shot and here it is 4 weeks and a few bonus items all underlined. I hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday, yes I know belated.

Week # 3, Theme # 4 – Wild Card

The Coast of Maine

My tower stands amongst the rocks,

to guide you safely to sturdy docks.

When ship is tossed to and fro,

look about and you will know.

My lamp will shine true and bright,

to see you through the harshest night.

When fog is thick and lying low,

listen well for where to go.

My bell will sound for those to hear,

to keep your bow free and clear.

Now if you heeded to the warns,

and pass me by on a clear bright morn.

Take at moment and you shall see,

just how beautiful this coast can be.

Week 2, Theme 1 – Zoom Burst

All Hallows’ Eve

The Jack-O-Lanterns all aglow.

They cast their light for you brave of souls.

Tricks or treats are offered here.

As long as you show little fear.

So come on in, do sit a spell.

Amongst my kin with stories to tell.

Of Hallows’ eves when no one sleeps.

Of ghouls and goblins wondering streets.

Of spirits rising from hollowed ground.

And tall tale creatures that are abound.

Although you tried to last the night.

Not all survive the scares and fright.

You stayed your welcome a bit to long.

Not every heart beat is as strong.

The Jack-O-Lanterns no longer glow.

No need of light for your lost soul.

Week 1, Theme 47 – My Back Yard


Time has claimed my outer shell, paint no longer hides the scars. Chipped and cracked, worn and weathered.

Look beyond with open heart, to see how shored and true. These walls from winds and roof from rain, I do offer my friend a feathered.

Near not enough for which I gain, warmed within with life and laughter. You sing your songs of happy ever afters.

I thank you sir for coming in, this house now home thus has become. I promise you my beam and truss, now and wish it to be… Forever.